Saturday, January 23, 2010

I been thinkin' 'bout the future....did I already use this?

So I need a car. Basically. My mom is getting tired of me driving her car everywhere and like going to Alex's house after school and taking Kylie home and all of that shit. So the solution is to get my own car so I can do whatever the hell I want in it. That includes building Lego castles, table tennis, tweeting about my ingrown toenails, and squirrel-watching. That's a lot of freedom to obtain at one time, but I think I'm mature enough for it being 18 and all.

Anyway, I'm supposed to talk to my dad about getting a new car sometime this weekend. I'm not picky...I just want something that runs, won't break down, and doesn't cost millions of dollars to drive around. My whole thing here is that I'm dirt poor. Did I ever tell you about my new dog, Gretta? There might just be one "t". Anyway, she just came in my room. She's a Westie. That means she's adorable. Wanna see a picture of a Westie? Look it up yourself; I don't feel like posting images.

New Alkaline Trio album leaked. Did I take advantage of that? You bet every nerve of your ass I did. And what do I think of it? I think it's truly excellent. Not much like anything else they've done, really. It's leaps and bounds less overproduced from Agony & Irony. Not that I hated that album, but it really was my least favorite. I kind of worry about getting to that point as a band...where we just kind of lose touch of what is simply great and throw a billion unnecessary loops and sounds and guitars on top of a perfectly good song. So yeah, this new album, This Addiction, is much more simplistic and easier to enjoy. That and the songs are fucking great. One sounds like El Hefe plays trumpet on it and Fat Mike wrote it. That's pretty unique for the ol' Alkaline Trio. Anyway, next topic of talk.

New semester of school is here. I got the college classes first block still. Second block, I have guitar, third I have Algebra III, and fourth I have Civics. Now let me go over how simple the last three classes are for me. First off, I've played guitar for 5 years. I know all of the parts to a guitar. I can read music. That class is just a bunch of stuff I already know. Algebra III, it's a bunch of stuff I did in 8th, 9th, and 10th grade. Bunch of stuff I already know. We started Civics with a blank map of the US and we were to fill in the names of all of the states. The only one I didn't get was Iowa because I couldn't think of its name. So far, a bunch of stuff I already know. That and Mr. Cowgill is a really good teacher, so for everything I don't know, I will quickly understand. However easy this semester looks, I must do my senior project, a research paper for British Literature, and fill out some college the FAFSA. Did I mention that I'm planning on going to school at Pot State for free and not leaving this place for a while? Yeah, this is the same Kyle talking that was on here a year ago...things change.

But for real, I have I Forget and for now, Dogjaw. This is like finally my break. We've been setting shows up on our own and people have been attending. We have people that come to every show and the number increases with each show. Dogjaw is another band that we can play with that we fit in with well and we get along with well and they're just a good band with great songs! I truly believe we can get people interested in music again around here. The weird part about it is that I think my band is going to be a strong leader in it. I want to be the Ramones of West Virginia. Or the Youth Brigade of Fort Ashby. Just leadin' the way for getting music out there to the kids. Now I hope to get some outside bands to start playing in Fort Ashby, too. That would REALLY help get kids into a range of good music. I wish we could get big bands, but one step at a time...

So music, music, music! School, school, school! Ryan's party tonight! I was up to 5 AM last night. Fuuuuck, right? Well maybe I'll be able to stay up tonight for the party, which is a sleep over. Or MAYBE I'll still be fuckin' tired. Hrmm! I could use some good eatin', so I'm anticipating some for tonight.

I ran from my house to Alex's on Wednesday and my legs still hurt. That's four miles. Thanks to Alex and Kylie for taking care of me when I got there. I might not be here to write this if they hadn't been. Running is brutal. Especially when you don't stretch before or after...which is my own damn fault. I'm ranting now. That was just written for record's sake.


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