Sunday, April 4, 2010

Campin' tonight!

Been a lonngggggass while since I updated on here! Well that's mostly because everyone has been close in my life and things have been going GREAT! Well, that hasn't changed, but I am quite excited about going camping tonight. Lotta people may be coming. I'm not entirely sure who's staying the night, but I can assure you that someone will not return alive in the morning. I've purposely released starving bears into the forest without telling any of my friends and if they were loyal enough to check my blog every day for updates, they'd see the warning signs right here!!!!

What else? Got two papers to write by Wednesday, so that never changes when I'm writing blogs. One is my introduction page on a 7-8-page paper on why kids should be educated about same-sex unions so they don't grow up being queers. The other is on the development of music during the middle ages. Wanna know about music in the middle ages? 'Kay. Started as religious chants. They were in free-verse, meaning they could basically sing whatever rhythm they felt like. There weren't really pitches written in stone, either. It was kinda just like words people said together at approximately the same time. Then they came up with something called polyphony, which is where there were more than one melodies at once (harmonies, duh). And uhh...most of the monks who wrote the music didn't put their names on it, so we don't know who wrote most of the songs. Also, there were troubadours who were secular and played music on the streets. Now, I have to make everything I just told you into a three-page paper. Hm. Maybe I should change my topic.

I learned this wicked awesome drum fill today. It goes (hi-hat and bass) snare snare snare low tom low tom hi-hat bass, snare snare hi-hat hi-hat hi-hat hi-hat snare snare bass bass high tom snare bass bass snare snare high tom low tom bass bass low tom snare bass (bass and crash). In other words...

And I'm doing track. That's my life as of now.


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